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We're always growing our session library with a focus on quality and impact. Check out our timeline of planned and in-development team courses. It's a dynamic list that evolves based on community feedback, ensuring trending and high-priority topics get prioritized. Let us know what topics you'd like to see next—your input matters!
Team Course - In-development

Changing Team Dynamics Through Allyship and Inclusion 

This session explores the fundamentals of allyship and inclusion in the workplace. It covers what allyship is, why it matters, and how to actively be an ally. Participants will also learn how to foster inclusivity and cultivate a more inclusive workplace culture. Through discussions and exercises, participants will self-reflect on their allyship and inclusivity efforts and discover ways to improve their behaviors and contribute to positive workplace change.
Team Course - In-development

Psychological Safety and Power of Feedback

This session delves into the concept of psychological safety and its significance in the workplace. It explores the four stages of psychological safety and why they are crucial for fostering a healthy work environment. Participants will learn practical strategies for creating a psychologically safe workspace, including giving constructive feedback and implementing radical candor. Through discussions and exercises, participants will compare high and low psychological safety scenarios, practice giving feedback using a structured model, and collaboratively develop a "Feedback Agreement" to enhance psychological safety within their teams.
Team Course - Proposed

Customer Service Fundamentals

This session will provide a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental principles of customer service. Participants will gain insights into the key concepts and techniques required to excel in customer service roles. 
Team Course - Proposed

Strategic Thinking Mastery

This session will be designed to help participants develop proficiency in strategic thinking. It will explores the core principles and methodologies behind strategic thinking, emphasizing its critical role in decision-making and organizational success.
Team Course - Proposed

Mastering the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teams

This session will be a deep dive into the renowned "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teams," inspired by Stephen R. Covey's principles. It will focus on cultivating a collaborative and results-driven team culture. Participants will explore the seven habits, including proactive teamwork, clear communication, synergy, and continuous improvement.
Team Course

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