Our Mission: We endeavor to revolutionize the way we learn so that every person and every organization around the world can achieve their full potential.

Our Core Values & Principles

We are Powered by People.

We believe in finding the most talented people we can, then training them to be even better. As Teamioed is built upon educating employees to reach their highest potential, we strive to do the same with everyone we hire, regardless of their role. All the while, we respect every employee and work to facilitate a work-life balance that maximizes each individual’s well-being.
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We Strive for Excellence (Always) 

Our ability to be the best at what we do directly translates into the results we provide for our clients. At Teamioed, we promote innovation, teamwork, and continued education both internally and externally, using industry-leading tools and technologies to constantly push ourselves towards the end-goal of excellence.

We Work as a Team to Support Teams

At Teamioed, the success of our team dynamic stands above all. Through collaboration, mutual respect, and open-mindedness, we are able to perform at our best at all times. This allows us to do the same for the managers and organizations that trust us with their own teams. 
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We Embrace Equity at All Times

At Teamioed, diversity and equity are so much more than just “buzzwords.” Not only do we take steps to prioritize inclusion at every level of the organization, but we ensure every course we create does the same. 

We Do Everything with Integrity in Mind 

Everything we do stems from a place of passion and integrity. Teamioed is designed to change the way we, as professionals, learn. The way we see it, the only way to do that is to be as transparent and honest as possible. That way, we become more than educators – we become an integral part of each client’s team.  
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"Teamioed is business education the way it was always meant to be: honest, professional, and built upon a foundation of results.”
Ben Kill
Teamioed Founder

Who We Are

We are Teamioed, and we’re revolutionizing the corporate education industry.
Not only do we provide organizations worldwide with a new way of learning in the workplace, but we’re actively working to transform how companies develop their teams and enhance performance.
Our Game-Changing Solution
Teamioed’s team courses are off-the-shelf soft skills eLearning courses specifically designed to elevate corporate performance.
However, team courses are not your typical eLearning courses. They are dynamic online team learning sessions that empower managers and employees to easily facilitate their own short training and team-building sessions. Each course is meticulously crafted to deliver a one-hour fully-immersive experience, packed with engaging activities and valuable resources to assist you in guiding your team towards success.
The Problems We Solve
Our team courses eliminate the need for managers to spend hours researching topics or for organizations to bring in third-party subject matter experts.
Instead, you get a plug-and-play experience that seamlessly integrates theory and team activities, ensuring that your sessions are impactful and transformative. Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating external trainers or spending a fortune on customized training programs.
Not only does our product significantly reduce training costs for businesses, but it also generates a profound impact on your staff's performance. By promoting social learning, one of the most effective ways to acquire new skills, team courses foster collaboration, engagement, and knowledge sharing within your team.
Watch as your employees develop essential soft skills and embrace a culture of continuous learning, driving your organization toward unprecedented success.
What are You Waiting For?
Join the ranks of many forward-thinking companies that have already embraced Teamioed as their go-to solution for team development. Experience the power of team courses and revolutionize the way your team learns and grows and elevate your organization to brand new heights!
Together, we can unlock the full potential of your team and propel your business toward a future of unrivaled success!

Meet the Coaches

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Ben Kill, MCIPD 

Talent and Leadership Strategist

Hi there, I’m Ben. I use my passion for people, commitment to education, and 10+ years of corporate experience to enhance teams and boost businesses around the globe.

I’ve spent countless hours working with teams just like yours at companies ranging from start-ups to FTSE 100s. This has provided me with clear insight into the behavioral trends and educational initiatives that result in happy, healthy, successful workers.
At Teamioed I’m able to leverage the latest insights into leadership and performance to develop winning sessions focused on helping employees and companies unlock new skills and abilities.

My experience, coupled with my Post Graduate studies with the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development have taught me the benefits of soft skills for nurturing interpersonal relationships. This allows me to dramatically impact teamwork, creativity, and self-improvement while simultaneously stressing the importance of emotional intelligence.

In short: I love what I do! Teamioed not only allows me to share my knowledge, but to help teams and organizations of all kinds succeed.
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Charlotte Barber, BCs, PGC, BABCP®

Cognitive Behavioral Specialist

Hi, I’m Charlotte. As a Cognitive Behavioral Specialist, I’m passionate about helping people achieve new levels of wellness in both their personal and work lives. Having spent my entire career providing therapeutic support to individuals of all backgrounds, I have a keen understanding of how stress of all kinds impacts mental well-being and performance.

At Teamioed I leverage my experience working in mental health to facilitate increased awareness of and utilization of skills and techniques that can help reduce stress, improve cooperation, and create a more positive, dynamic, and collaborative team environment. By promoting soft skills, I get to help people and companies reach new heights of success.

I see Teamioed as coaching the way it should be: proactive, productive, and focused on individual growth as a way to facilitate team development.

Learn as a Team.
Develop as a Team.

  • Unlimited access to all team courses
  • Drives individual performance and team dynamics
  • New team courses added every month
  • Minimal preparation, super easy to run
  • Built to compliments your team meetings or be run as standalone sessions