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Build high performing teams.

Boost employee engagement and integrate learning into the daily fabric of your organization by equipping managers with software-guided, interactive skill-building sessions.
A catalog of team-based courses ready for managers to lead
A complete L&D solution housing a rich catalog of team courses that enable managers to seamlessly deliver company-wide learning during their team meetings, without requiring any additional expertise or an external trainer.
Our methodology bespoked to your organizational needs
Unique training requirements demand unique solutions. A custom team-based course built from our highly interactive, one-hour experiences, tailored to your development needs - all at an extremely affordable fixed cost.
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A culture of rich team experiences

Our team-based courses bring expert-led soft skills workshops directly into your organization's team meetings. By facilitating both theory and group activities, our on-demand courses inspire teams to learn collaboratively, exchange experiences, and cultivate habits that align with your employee development objectives.

Our technology facilitates the sessions, so your managers don't have to

With a simple click, your managers will bring unique 45-minute development experiences to their teams. No additional expertise required. Our courses deliver it all.

A complete employee development solution that makes the process effortless...

Plan with ease

Set your company's learning agenda and schedule the corresponding easy-to-lead team courses to meet your employee development objectives.

Implement with efficiency

No upskilling required! Simply inform your managers to run the courses in their team meetings. Our technology will handle the rest.

Deliver with confidence and supercharge team meetings

Your managers don’t need to facilitate, instead they guide, inspire, and enhance group activities and discussions. Our team courses are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing meetings, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity.
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The biggest barrier to workforce development at the enterprise level is time. Every Director or CEO wants their employees to upskill, but few have the time or experience to manage the process. Teamioed learning platform cuts management’s time investment down to nearly nothing.”
Ian Crowhurst FCPHR, FILP
Head of Learning, Development & Talent

Teamioed is employee development that delivers on your investment!