Enhancing Our Team’s Organizational Skills with Time Management

Strong organizational skills can boost productivity dramatically. Our team course will give your team a roadmap for creating a more organized work life while simultaneously improving the team dynamic.
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Course Details
45 mins - 1 hour  |  In-Person or Virtual  |  Beginner to Intermediate
Digital Coach: Ben Kill, MCIPD
Items needed for the session: Pen and Paper or use the activity template. 
Course Resources
Manager Guide
Activity Template
Summary Guide
Models & Tips
  1. Multitasking vs Single-tasking
  2. The Energy Curve
  3. The To-do List
  4. The Eisenhower Matrix
Course Agenda

1. Theory: Introducing Multitasking – Is it Really the Best Solution?

Ben will begin by introducing the topic of multitasking through a simple exercise. Specifically, he'll demonstrate how multitasking, while often touted as a way of increasing productivity, typically has the opposite effect.

Duration: 4 minutes

2. Theory: Introducing Organizational Skills

In the next section, Ben will demonstrate how improving one’s organizational skills is typically a far better way to boost productivity than multitasking. 

Duration: 3 minutes

3. Discussion: What are our strengths and development areas?

Now that the team understands the benefits of improved organization skills over multitasking, they will perform a self-evaluation. The goal is to get together as a group and determine where the team’s organizational strengths lie and where there is room for improvement.

Duration: 15 minutes

4. Theory: Factors Influencing Our Organizational Skills & Introducing an Organizational Methodology

Next, Ben will ask each person to evaluate their energy levels and ability to focus throughout the day. He will then introduce the concept of “The Energy Curve”. This is followed by the introduction of a methodology that both individuals and teams can use to better plan their work. This starts by understating to-do lists, proper prioritization, and how to schedule for maximum productivity.

Duration: 10 minutes

5. Discussion: How Can We Enhance Our Organizational Skills?

In the final discussion, the team will sit down and determine how to enhance organizational skills. Ben will instruct them to use The Eisenhower Matrix to organize their collective to-do list, then list several new organizational habits they can implement going forward.

Duration: 20 minutes

6. Theory: Wrapping up the Session

Finally, Ben will finish the session by reviewing what the team has learned and how it can be used to enhance the team’s organizational skills exponentially.

Duration: 1 minute
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Organization is something we all seem to understand will make our lives easier, but we convince ourselves we don’t have time to implement new tactics. This team course showed my team that multitasking is an outdated ‘buzz word,’ and that there’s a lot of value in sitting down and planning together."
Michelle Ward
Regional Director

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Your questions, answered


What are organizational skills for time management?

Organizational skills refer to one’s ability to manage their time and tasks in a structured manner. Discovering methods that suit you can lead to increased productivity and reduced stress.

What are the 4 skills of time management?

To master your time management, focus on honing the following four key skills:
  • Prioritization
  • Goal Setting
  • Planning
  • Delegation

What are organizational skills?

Organizational skills involve managing time, prioritizing tasks, setting goals, and devising strategies to achieve them. People with these skills can handle multiple duties, focus on deadlines, and efficiently execute complex projects.

What are time management skills?

Time management is about organizing your time efficiently to prioritize urgent or important tasks, ensuring productivity and timely completion of each one.

Why is time management important?

Time management skills can help streamline your focus, reduce stress, and enhance productivity by prioritizing key tasks and goals, leading to better outcomes.

What are the 5 keys to time management?

By implementing these five strategies, you can significantly reduce distractions and enhance your productivity in the workplace.
  • Schedule reminders for every task.
  • Organize your day with a daily planner.
  • Allocate specific time limits to each task.
  • Eliminate distractions.
  • Develop a consistent routine.

Collaborative Team Courses

What is included with each Teamioed team course?

Each Teamioed soft skills training session consists of a 45-minute to 1-hour guided learning experience. Leaders, managers or individual contributors are provided with a course and summary guide to help them direct each team learning and development exercise. However, our knowledgeable Teamioed virtual coaches will handle most of the work, so there’s minimal preparation involved. Simply gather the team together and get ready to learn!

Does Teamioed provide coaching tips or resources for managers? 

We do! Leaders, managers or team leaders are provided with an in-depth guide covering each team eLearning course. This lets them better understand what we’ll cover in the soft skills training experiences. It also gives them valuable information on how to contribute to the Learning experience and development activities. 

Where do I run a team course?

Teamioed’s team eLearning courses have been built to complement your team meetings or to be run as standalone team sessions. You can conduct the experience as an in-person or virtual meeting, as team-based soft skill learning is perfectly suited to any environment. Simply log in, access the session of your choice, and hit “begin.” It’s as easy as that. If you do plan to host your course remotely, just know that you will need to use virtual meeting software (e.g., Zoom, MS Teams, Slack, etc.) as Teamioed does not provide its own.   

How do I access new Teamioed courses?

New soft skills online courses will be added to your subscription automatically. You can access them through your Teamioed account as soon as they are launched. 

What skill level is required for team courses?

All of Teamioed’s eLearning courses and training activities are designed for beginners and intermediates. However, everyone can benefit from ongoing soft skills training, enhanced problem-solving skills, and teamwork education. No matter your industry or business model, our courses are a great way to bring your team together while learning critical skills. 
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