Building Our Team’s Shared Purpose

It’s true: the team that dreams together, succeeds together. This comprehensive team course will give your team a greater awareness of how purpose can contribute to increased engagement and happiness while boosting workplace productivity.
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Organizational Advantages of this Team Course
  • Improves teamwork and communication.
  • Aligns roles with mission, boosting motivation and job satisfaction.
  • Encourages collective idea generation and creative problem-solving.
  • Unifies organizational values and identity, attracting talent and customers.
  • Provides stability during changes, helping teams stay aligned and adaptable.
Course Details
45 mins - 1 hour  |  In-Person or Virtual  |  Beginner to Intermediate
Digital Coach: Ben Kill, MCIPD
Items needed for the session: Pen and Paper or use the activity template. 
Course Resources
Manager Guide
Activity Template
Summary Guide
Models & Tips
  1. Share Purpose vs Personal Purpose
  2. Team Shared Purpose Statement
Course Agenda

1. Theory: Explaining the Concept of Purpose

Ben will begin by introducing the concept of “purpose.” He’ll start by discussing purpose in personal terms, then expand it to include our working lives and ability to interact with our teams.

Duration: 4 minutes

2. Discussion: What’s Your Current Personal Purpose?

After the introduction, Ben will ask each team member to consider their own personal purpose. This includes reflecting on what gets them out of bed in the morning, their passions, and how they organize their day.

Duration: 10 minutes

3. Theory: The Concept of Shared Purpose and its Many Benefits

Following the discussion, Ben will re-introduce the idea of shared purpose, also referred to as the team’s “collective why.” He’ll also separate some facts and myths regarding shared purpose while establishing how it can help teams prioritize and stay motivated, among other things.

Duration: 6 minutes

4. Discussion: What is Our Team’s Shared Purpose?

This discussion will focus on your team’s role and the shared purpose underlying it. Ben will ask team members to consider their stakeholders as well as what sort of impact they want to have on those stakeholders.

Duration: 20 - 25 minutes

5. Theory: Fostering a Shared Purpose

In this section, Ben will provide some instructions on how to foster a shared purpose among the team. Among other things, he will discuss goal development, accountability, and how to properly assess results.

Duration: 2 minutes

6. Discussion: What Three New Habits Can We Establish to Incorporate Our New Shared Purpose?

The final discussion will encourage the team to identify three new habits they can use to incorporate their newly-defined shared purpose into their working lives.

Duration: 10 minutes

7. Theory: Wrapping up the Session

Ben will finish up the team course by recapping everything the team has learned about their individual and shared purpose.

Duration: 1 minutes
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My team doesn’t always feel like a team, and that’s a problem because shared purpose is so valuable on so many levels. This team course really honed in on that concept. However, it didn’t just show them how to cultivate that sense of shared purpose, but how it can benefit the team and organization at large."
Dayner Rogers
Software Development Manager

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Your questions, answered


What is a shared purpose?

Shared purpose is a collective goal that unites and motivates a group, guiding decision-making and fostering collaboration. It enhances engagement and productivity by creating a sense of belonging and shared responsibility, helping navigate challenges and change.

How do you promote shared purpose within a team?

Unite leaders around company goals, starting with purpose at the top. Next, involve employees in finding personal meaning and connect it to the company's mission. Finally, try to incorporate the company's purpose into customer experiences.

What is meant by having a shared purpose, values, and vision?

By fostering a collective vision and purpose, leaders can motivate their teams to unite in pursuit of shared objectives. This approach cultivates a sense of significance, encourages teamwork, and boosts both team effectiveness and commitment.

Collaborative Team Courses

What is included with each Teamioed team course?

Each Teamioed soft skills training session consists of a 45-minute to 1-hour guided learning experience. Leaders, managers or individual contributors are provided with a course and summary guide to help them direct each team learning and development exercise. However, our knowledgeable Teamioed virtual coaches will handle most of the work, so there’s minimal preparation involved. Simply gather the team together and get ready to learn!

Does Teamioed provide coaching tips or resources for managers? 

We do! Leaders, managers or team leaders are provided with an in-depth guide covering each team eLearning course. This lets them better understand what we’ll cover in the soft skills training experiences. It also gives them valuable information on how to contribute to the Learning experience and development activities. 

Where do I run a team course?

Teamioed’s team eLearning courses have been built to complement your team meetings or to be run as standalone team sessions. You can conduct the experience as an in-person or virtual meeting, as team-based soft skill learning is perfectly suited to any environment. Simply log in, access the session of your choice, and hit “begin.” It’s as easy as that. If you do plan to host your course remotely, just know that you will need to use virtual meeting software (e.g., Zoom, MS Teams, Slack, etc.) as Teamioed does not provide its own.   

How do I access new Teamioed courses?

New soft skills online courses will be added to your subscription automatically. You can access them through your Teamioed account as soon as they are launched. 

What skill level is required for team courses?

All of Teamioed’s eLearning courses and training activities are designed for beginners and intermediates. However, everyone can benefit from ongoing soft skills training, enhanced problem-solving skills, and teamwork education. No matter your industry or business model, our courses are a great way to bring your team together while learning critical skills. 
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